Merve Bedir

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Merve Bedir is an architect. She is the partner of Rotterdam I Istanbul based Land+Civilization Compositions (L+CC) and a PhD candidate in Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture. Merve’s work focuses on a diversity of topics from urban transformation to displacement, migration, and common(s). She was a freelance curator for the Netherlands Architecture Institute (2012); the curator of Vocabulary of Hospitality (Studio X, Istanbul, 2015); and One Architecture Week (Plovdiv, 2015) under the title uncommon river. Merve is currently facilitating a kitchen and garden initiative by local and migrant women in Gaziantep, Turkey. She has published in One World (Dutch), Interartive, Volume, MONU, SRO (Dutch), Docomomo, Zivot (Croatian) and Quaderns. Merve occasionally blogs for uncube, Cairobserver and Failed Architecture. Her book with the title Vocabulary of Hospitality will be published by a collaboration of dpr-Barcelona and GSAPP Books.

Merve Bedir and Jason Hilgefort of L+CC, were the directors of Aformal Academy, a part of the education program of Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture Biennale, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. L+CC’s collaborations include Archis (Amsterdam), Dpr-Barcelona (Spain), Berlin Architecture Center (DAZ), African Center for Cities (Cape Town) and International New Town Institute (INTI), Hungarian Architecture Center (KEK), ZigZagCity (Rotterdam), EPFL, Cairo, Lusofna, Cottbus, Columbia Universities. L+CC won Europan 2012 in Vienna, and shared the third prize with Turenscape in Moscow’s Sokolniki Park competition.