Recording Small Worlds: Gjakova

By July 1, 2017 No Comments

During 24 hours in Gjakova, (10am to 10am) we will discuss, create, and present films about places in the city which allow one to withdraw from the public gaze—however momentarily, and be alone. Not metaphorically, but actual places, outside of the home, that provide cover. These places change from day to night. Participants must explore the city by time of day.

Participants will fan out across the town and make short films using their phone cameras and device-based editing tools. We will screen the results for an audience on Sunday. Interview and the presentation of facts is encouraged but not required. Staging, collaborative acting and filming could be even better.

A short discussion of intellectual context of this project will be given by the workshop leader on Saturday morning, and will be sustained throughout the night with the group at various meeting points in the city.