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Toestand is an organisation which focuses on the socio-cultural reactivation of vacant spaces in the city. Free (as in free speech, but also as in free coffee) space is scarce, especially in the city. On the other hand, many sites and buildings are abandoned for reasons such as speculation or government administration issues. Toestand reconciles these two issues by communicating on the issue, facilitating the installation of temporary socio-cultural centres, and organising them ourselves under the term ‘Spontaneous Action Zones’. The organisation Toestand organised and organises projects mainly for and by young people. Though our target group is large (people and their friends), our focus is on youngsters. They experience even more than adults the lack of a space in which they can express themselves freely. As an organisation build up by young people itself, we have been frustrated by this time and again, and want to offer an experience to current generations.