Open Call for LINA Fellows

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Seeking emerging spatial practitioners, thinkers, and creatives to become LINA fellows

Apply with your radical idea, practical solution, theoretical insight or thought-provoking practice addressing the environmental crisis

25 selected authors will be invited to co-create the LINA Architecture Programme, a series of events taking place across Europe, and present at the LINA Conference

Who we are / LINA is a European platform: a network of 32 institutions working at the intersection of architecture and other fields related to spatial culture. We work to promote emerging thinkers and practitioners. Our goal is to steer design and building processes towards regenerative practices and principles of de-growth.

What we do / Our growing alliance of museums, universities, research networks, foundations, triennials, biennials, and other European and Mediterranean organisations—LINA members—carries out a series of events taking place all over Europe. Individuals and teams, selected at our annual Open Call, are invited to collaborate in the events of the LINA Architecture Programme. The LINA Architecture Programme is supported by the European Union within the eligible countries of the Creative Europe Programme.

What we are looking for / We are looking for innovative individuals and collectives who apply their theoretical and practical knowledge to better our common future. We’re searching for innovators who develop spatial practices that question the status quo. We want to welcome new and emerging voices to make their mark and help amplify their radical ideas.

We are looking to give a platform to those who have not yet broken through to the international audience, and are not yet established in their respective fields. Age is not a limit.

We are looking for those wanting to participate in mentoring, teaching, residencies, research, writing, who want to present their work, and develop meaningful programmes. Though travel is not always a necessity, we are looking for those interested in international collaboration. We want to promote people who care for the future of our planet and who share our ethical values.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only residents of the 40 Creative Europe countries can apply. Read more here.

How se select our future fellows / Participants are selected on the basis of one project (this can be an idea, initiative, framework, proposal, publication, practice, or concept; practical or theoretical), and not their entire CVs. They do not necessarily have to be realised, but should be developed and considered. We are interested in a wide range of projects that address the environmental crisis and its ethical and social implications, with a focus on fields related to spatial culture.

This project illustrates your way of thinking, your values and competences. Representatives of our member organisations will read through your presentation and vote on projects that bring the most innovative, thought-through, and radical ideas. This Open Call is not intended for the development or realisation of the entered projects, though some collaborations may facilitate it.

Within the application form, please feel free to expand on your existing project with proposals for its development, or elaborate on your background and experiences that give your perspective a unique voice.

For more information on the current call, organizations that you can team up with and the program you could be part of, visit the Lina website.