Open House / Rilindja Warehouse

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Hapësira’s warehouse project might seem a risky concept in which the idea is to venture beyond the established club route, finding itself in spaces never used before in this manner.  RW (Rilindja Warehouse) by now has become a household name in the domestic scene, while also catching the eye of many internationals. With total of 6 events held until now (RWI: Blond:ish. RWII: James Zabiela, RWIII: Alex.Do + Hunter/Game, RWIV: SHDW & Obscure Shape + SOMNE. RWV: Etapp Kyle + Anetha) and RWVI with Northern’s Abdulla Rashim + Acronym.  ‘Warehouse’ initiative can be summed up as a collective push toward…

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Restoring vernacular architecture

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Restoring vernacular architecture showcased the work done in recent years by the Cultural Heritage without Borders NGO who is one of the leading conservation practices in Kosovo. The exhibition was held at the Kosovo Academy of Science and Arts, and was open for two weeks of the Week. June.2013

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