who we are

The Kosovo Architecture Foundation is an award winning & the biggest organization of its kind in the SEE region with an objective to present to the local architecture community and the general public the contemporary global theories and methodologies in the field of architecture and urban planning. Since 2013 KAF organizes the Architecture Festival with more than 40 annual events. In 2016 KAF was the recipient of the prestigious Getty Foundation “Keeping it Modern” grant for the Conservation and Management Plan of the Kosovo National Library and is the founding member of the Future Architecture Platform Now LINA Comunnity, the biggest pan-European architecture & design platform. KAF was also invited to participate at the main Architecture Exhibition at the Biennale di Venezia 2021 by its director Professor Hashim Sarkis. KAF & OUD+ presented the “Prishtina Public Archipelago” study at the co-habitats section at the Arsenale.

KAF Team

Director: Bekim Ramku
Deputy Director: Nol Binakaj
Coordinators: Marigona Derguti, Tringa Hasbahta, Rina Kasabaqi, Marigona Rexha, Rona Kasabaqi.

Kosovo Architecture Foundation

Rahim Beqiri st. hyrja B #47, Pika Exclusive, Kodra e Diellit

10000 Prishtina, Republic of Kosovo

+383 44 124371

information.kaf@gmail.com / events.kaf@gmail.com

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