Joni Baboci

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Joni Baboci is an architect, planner and urban enthusiast. He currently working as the General Director of Planning and Urban Development at the Municipality of Tirana. His previous experiences include stints in the private sector, a number of successful international architecture competition results as well as a multi-year experience leading a groundbreaking start-up for the Albanian Government nicknamed Atelier Albania. He has meddled with planning and development at different scales working on the national plan for Albania, the regional plan for the coast of the country, and the regional plan for the economic generator that is the Tirana-Durres region. His work at Atelier Albania culminated with the preparation of the ‘Metabolism of Albania’ – a book on alternative planning methods published by the Government of Albania in collaboration with the TU Delft, .FABRIC, IABR, and 51N4E. His current responsibilities at the Municipality of Tirana are about dealing with the surprises, urgencies and expectations of a bustling a vibrant capital in the center of the Balkans. Collaborative creative processes, alternative planning methodologies and quick and practical fixes would best describe his daily duties; but dealing with administrative bureaucracy, piles of paperwork, building permitting and institutional collaboration, often gets in the way. He is extremely passionate about architecture and planning and is currently focused on understanding resilience as a major factor in urban redevelopment while employing more sustainable, implementable and functional planning methodologies.