Ana Dana Beros lecture at KAFx12

Ana Dana Beros is an architect with a ‘critical spatial practice’ that encompasses artistic research, documentary filmmaking, curating, publishing/broadcasting, and exhibition design. She is based between Zagreb, Graz and Trieste. 

Co-founder of ARCHIsquad – Division for Architecture with Conscience and its educational program UrgentArchitecture in Croatia (2006-2015). Her interest in architectural theory, experimental design, and publishing as a spatializing practice led her to co-found the international platforms Think Space (2010-2015) and Future Architecture (2016-2021), and she is currently involved with LINA (2022-2025). As a LINA member, she curates DAI-SAI projects From Care to Cure and Back and Architecture of Cure, which investigate the critical architectural heritage of The Children’s Maritime Health Resort of Military Insured Persons in Krvavica. These projects aim to transform both material and immaterial environments from “spaces of common disease” into places of “common healing.”

Her lecture will be held at Kino Armata on Wendnesday 3rd of July 2024 from 18.45.

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23 Jun 2024

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