Arba Baxhaku completed her PhD dissertation at the University of Florence. Her thesis ‘Suspended Identities – Interpretations on the transfiguration of the Architectural landscape of Tirana after the fall of the communist regime’, presents a project for the recovery of housing built in series during the communist regime in Albania.

Arba’s work is defined by a constant conversation between theoretical research and design practices: RE-WRITING or how to interpret the existing architecture as a dialogue between the past and modernity. Her projects have in common the path of re-building fragments of formal worlds that seem to link together, in an extraordinary affinity and surprising continuity over time, facts and experiences that were at first irreconcilable.

In 2019 she published along with Claudia Cavallo ‘Shadows of the Mediterranean, At the periphery of the Adriatic’ (Ombre del Mediterraneo, Alla periferia dell’Adriatico). The book recounts the experiences of two projects on the communicating banks of the Adriatic sea, Marche in Italy and Zadrima in Albania, two abandoned places linked by the signs of their ruins.

Arba is part of the General Directorate of Urban Planning at the Municipality of Tirana, where she is responsible for projects related to the culture and historical heritage of the city. Recently, in this capacity she was involved in the completion of the project ” House Studio Kadare”, a place dedicated to the study and memory of Ismail Kadare’s work, lead by Elisabetta Terragni. She currently teaches at the Polytechnic University of Tirana.

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titulli i ligjerates: Kёmbёkryq nё divanhane ose hapёsira e pёrbashkёt e banesёs shqiptare: njё ekskurs nga oda zjarrit te eksperiencat e ndёrtimeve socialiste

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19 Mar 2020

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