Architecture for the Age of Austerity


Workshop tutor: Ivan Kucina

3-4 July

This workshop will resume diverse proposals made in the specific participatory process applied to transform urban voids into shared spaces. The aim is to exercise citizens’ engagement in designing interventions in the city that will provide initial condition for everyone to meet, talk, work, relax, play and enjoy together.

Workshop participants that will be organized in small groups will create their proposals using smart phones or tablets, and following the process that combines elements of two product design methods such as User Centered Analysis and Participatory Action Research. Process includes questioning, group profile analysis, scripting, and making photomontage.

From Urban Voids to Shared Spaces

Urban voids appear everywhere in the cities at many levels, shapes and scales in both space and time. They emerge as unforeseen leftovers of an uneven urban growth. Voids encompass the whole spectrum of urban phenomena: between unused and multi-used space, informal and formal, generic and customized, vacant and full, provisional and lasting… They are the spaces in-between fulfilled individual desires, ambitions, territories and interests.

Transformations of urban voids into shared spaces lay claim on urban development as part of an ongoing process in which city making is shared between many different actors. Spaces that are created in such process should not seek to eliminate differences, but to understand how to maintain lively controversies instead of deadly conflicts, how to establish smart means for social exchange among the concurrent ways of living.

All interested must send a short cv to by 25th of June with a subject “City Made by Everyone”.

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14 Mar 2018

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