Blerta Kambo at KAFx12

Blerta Kambo is an Albanian artist, activist, photographer and film maker based in Tirana. 

Her personal projects follow a conceptual approach, hinged around themes of social and environmental justice, archive, fiction/multiple truths, ecofeminism, and architecture embedded in space, expressing the underlying narrative in their social contexts.  Her 16-year commercial experience as a photographer includes documentary, architecture and politics (as photographer for Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama) also advertising, corporate and fashion.  In 2019 she studied filmmaking at the London Film School (UK) and is currently working more with the moving image, both in documentary/ narrative -fiction and video art. 

In 2023 she was a finalist for the Circa Prize, London, UK with her performance-video “Heavy stone”.  Her latest project ‘Man of the castle’, a contemporary allegory of gender justice, of feminism in defence of men, was exhibited twice in Tirana, to positive reviews.  She is a Member of AWA (Albanian women in audio-visual) and the Feminist Collective (Albania)

She is a 2024 LINA fellow with the Kosovo Architecture Foundation. Her object of visual research and artistic intervention is the ‘Palace of Youth’ in Prishtina. 

Her lecture will be held Friday July 5th from 18.45 at Kino Armata.

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23 Jun 2024

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