Under the theme of “Alter-Nation” the 9th edition of the Kosovo Architecture Festival will start on September the 13th. As in the past editions the biggest event of its kind in the region will present before the local and international audience visionary professionals, up and coming architects, planners, designers, as well as Future Architecture creatives. The list of keynotes and the full program will be announced end of August. 

Due to Covid-19 restrictions the event will be partially held online and all on site events will require for the audience members to be vaccinated or offer proof of compliance according to the Kosovo Ministry of Healthcare Covid-19 guidelines in effect from the 20th of August 2021. 

The Kosovo Architecture Festival is jointly organized by the Kosovo Architecture Foundation and the biggest pan-European design platform the Future Architecture Platform


Nen temen e “Alter-Nation” edicioni i 9-te i Festivalit te Arkitektures ne Kosove do filloj me 13 Shtator. Sikurse ne edicionet e kaluara ngjarja me e madhe e llojit te vet ne regjion do prezentoj para audiences lokale dhe asaj globale profesionist vizionar, arkitekt te te ri dhe ne ngritje, planifikues urban, dizajner, si dhe aplikues te perzgjedhur nga platforma Future Architecture. List a ligjeruesve kryesor si dhe programi i plot do behet publik ne fund te muajit Gusht. 

Pershkak te restriksioneve per parandalimin e Covid-19 nje pjese e eventit do mbahet ‘online’ kurse te gjitha ngjarjet tjera qe do organizohen me prezencen e publikut do ju kerkohet deshmia e vaksinimit apo deshmi tjera ne pajtueshmeri me udhezimet per Covid-19 te Ministrise se Shendetesise me efekt nga 20 Gusht 2021. 

Festivali Kosovar i Arkitektures eshte organizim i perbashket i Fondacionit Kosovar te Arkitektures dhe platformes me te madhe Evropjane te dizajnit Future Architecture Platform.


2021 Call for Ideas: Landscapes of CarePresent your newest work and ideas at the events that form the core of the 2021 European Architecture Program.

Future Architecture Call for Ideas is more than a competition; it’s a platform, providing practitioners and conceptual thinkers with the opportunity to express their ideas and to be both seen and heard. A successful application would mean the opportunity to begin exchanging your projects and proposals with peers from all over the world, as well as with high-profile institutions including museums, galleries, publishing houses, biennials and festivals, all to assist you with finding avenues toward international recognition. Apply, and let the Future Architecture platform support you in elevating and sharpening your practice.

This year, we are inviting multi-disciplinary emerging professionals from all over the globe to apply with transformative projects related to our built environments. Send us your completed projects, your theoretical or conceptual propositions for spatial, social or cultural innovation, and join our discussion about the Landscapes of Care.

We welcome projects that address systemic change (prototypes and systems), site-specific cases (projects customized and adapted for certain contexts and tasks) and new alliances (cross-, trans- and multi-disciplinary projects exploring new design processes and methodologies).

Landscapes of Care

Contemporary societies face dynamically changing challenges. The extractive and consumptive logics of the system create globalised issues, impacting different regions in real time. Geopolitical boundaries protect economic returns above and beyond protecting social interests while the recent pandemic spreads, and new territories and ecologies are rearranged according to logics of migration which are inextricably connected to the flow of financial wealth. Confronting this scenario, new regional initiatives question political divisions and corporate interests. Fluid boundaries traced by local organisers and citizens emerge to fill  the spaces as yet un-commodified by the free market; spaces of exception free from the control of policy. The flow of persons generates new modes of neighbourhood living and political commitments that demand care, empathy and awareness of the other. The recent health crisis has challenged entire societies, demonstrating how they can effectively, rapidly and mostly peacefully take action. Designers, architects and urbanists see themselves handling social and political issues, rather than simply the spatial and formal aspects of a project; facing up to the challenge of transforming decades of self-complacency into active practices dealing with the politics of relations, of local communities, of energy flows, and of ever-changing urban dynamics. 

“Landscapes of Care”, the proposed theme for the 2021 edition of Future Architecture platform, will explore the dynamics of solidarity and collective self-organisation, the networks of trust working at the neighbourhood scale, and transitional common spaces and activities. The edition aims to trigger dialogues around the challenges of a society facing up to the myths of endless growth, the glorification of borders and national identity, and the hardships labelled as austerity by capitalism.

Future Architecture’s board will invite selected applicants to present their projects at the annual Creative Exchange event in February 2021. The CEx2021 will take place via the online format of the Future Architecture Rooms within the Common Room – an unconventional virtual environment for presentations, lectures and matchmaking. The platform will cover the cost of the preparation and delivery of video content for 25 selected applicants. Selected applicants will then be invited to participate in activities within the European Architecture Program, implemented by the institution members of the platform across Europe. The platform will cover the costs of travel (from within Europe) and accommodation needed for engagement in public events, or production costs for online events, and will provide an honorarium to the participants that they invite to contribute to their events.

All applications will be published on the website of the Future Architecture platform. The applications will be judged by the Future Architecture board of members, the Future Architecture alumni, and members of the public through online voting.

Timetable and Deadlines

  • Publication of the Call for Ideas: 17 November 2020
  • Deadline for submitting applications: 6 January 2021
  • Announcement of the selected 25 ideas: 15 January 2021
  • Creative Exchange: 17 – 19 February 2021
  • European Architecture Program: 1 March – 31 October 2021


The call is open to emerging architects, landscape architects, urban planners, designers, engineers, artists, curators, people involved in architectural communication and anyone whose professional work is focused on the future of architecture and living environments. 

To be eligible as an emerging creative for the Future Architecture Platform, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • The applicant’s independent work(s) related to architecture or city development must have been created after graduation and within the last two years;
  • The applicant must have publicly presented or published their independent work(s);
  • The applicant must not yet have attained recognition through the publication of a body of critically recognized work, or through the work of major and/or established institutions; 
  • The applicant must not have participated in previous Future Architecture Platform activities;
  • The applicant may be an individual or a collective.

The open call starts at 12.00 am CET on 17 November 2020, and all entries must be received by 6 January 2021. Multiple entries are permitted as an individual or as a collective.

Call for Ideas application >>

Future Architecture 2021 Program >>

Call for Ideas general inquiries


Call for Ideas press inquiries

Maša Špiler, PR manager 




The Prishtina Public Archipelago study and installation done by the Kosovo Architecture Foundation & OUD+Architecture was featured at the Biennale Sneak Peek. The short video explains more about the work that is being done for the biennale which this year will open its doors to the general public on the 22nd of May, with vernissage on the 20th & 21st of May 2021. 

The Prishtina Public Archipelago will be located in Arsenale and is part of the “co-habitats” section of the main exhibition curated by Hashim Sarkis. 

For more info go to the sneak peek page of the Biennale.


Days of Oris is an international architectural symposium organized by Oris magazine from Croatia, which has been held since 2001. Every year it gathers more than 2000 participants – architects and professionals from the related fields. So far, more than 300 leading experts and speakers from all over the world have participated in Days of Oris. 

As 2020 is special in many ways, so is the jubilee 20th edition of the 20 x 20 Days of Oris Festival, which will be held on 10 – 12 December 2020. The Festival is planned as 20 20-minute long lectures and includes live streaming from the Oris House of Architecture, but also interaction among speakers, audience and our partners.

The speakers at the 20×20 Days of Oris Festival are:   

Sou Fujimoto – established Sou Fujimoto Architects in 2000. Awarded with the Golden Lion for National Participation at the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2012; 

Smiljan Radić & Marcela Correa – Radić received the Best National Architect Under 35 award by the Chilean Architects Association in 2001. In 2008 Radić and Correa held lectures at Harvard. In 2020 Radić was elected a corresponding member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts; 

RCR Arquitectes – Ramon Vilalta Pujol, Rafael Aranda Quiles, Carme Pigem Barceló. Winners of the 2017 Pritzker Architecture Prize;

Darko Radović – Professor of Architecture and Urban Design at Keio University, Tokyo, where he heads co+labo radović, research laboratory which focuses on the concepts of urbanity and sustainable development across scales;

Tadao Ando – one of the most renowned contemporary Japanese architects, winner of the 2005 Pritzker Architecture Prize and an honorary member of the Royal Academy of Arts in London;  

Idis Turato – represented Croatia at the Biennale di Venezia; one of the authors of the Rijeka European Capital of Culture programme;  Bevk Perović Architects – authors of key projects of contemporary Slovenian architecture, winners of the 2020 Piranesi award;Thom Mayne – an internationally recognized American architect, founder and director of the interdisciplinary architectural office Morphosis. Winner of the 2005 Pritzker Architecture Prize;Boonserm Premthada – award-winning Thai architect and founder of the Bangkok Project Studio office;Anna Heringer – German architect whose work is marked by social engagement, sustainable development and a transdisciplinary approach;

Barclay & Crousse – awarded with the Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize 2018, the Oscar Niemeyer Prize 2016, the Peruvian National Prize of Architecture in 2014 and 2018 and the Latin America Prize 2013;

Bernard Khoury – co-founder of the Arab Center for Architecture, co-curator and architect of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s national pavilion at the Venice Biennale’s 14th International Architecture Exhibition in 2014; Jordi Badia – founder and director of the BAAS architectural studio, one of the key names in contemporary Catalan architecture;

 Ivan Đikić – an elected member the EMBO, the German Academy Leopoldina and the European Academy, as well as an honorary member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences;

Zlatko Ugljen – professor Emeritus at the Faculty of Architecture and the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, winner of numerous awards including the Aga Khan Award for Architecture;  Mirko Ilić – designer, illustrator, activist, whose works are represented in the collections of institutions such as the Smithsonian Museum, SFMOMA in San Francisco, MoMA New York;  Aires Mateus – Portuguese architect, professor at the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio, Switzerland since 2001 and professor at the Autonomous University of Lisbon since 1998.Kengo Kuma one of the most prominent internationally recognized Japanese architects, a professor at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Tokyo;Alberto campo Baeza – award-winning Spanish architect, member of the San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts, one of the most prestigious Spanish cultural institutions.

Moderators: Dinko Peračić and Maroje Mrduljaš. 

Patrons: City of Zagreb, Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb

You can see the photographs of the speakers here and visit our new website for more details www.daysoforis.com


In an online ceremony held in Ljubljana, Slovenia on the 21st of October Kosovo Architecture Foundation founding director was named as the 2020 BigSEE Architecture Visionary

Andrija Rusan the founder of Oris Days of Architecture, Oris Magazine and Oris House of Architecture had these words to say about Bekim

If one studies in Kosovo, continues his education at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and then returns to Kosovo, it is a clear indication that one has a vision.

Bekim established KAF – the Kosovo Architecture Foundation. KAF is the generator of new ideas consistently emphasizing the need for constant change and development. KAF is an organiser of an annual festival presenting the key names from the world of architecture, design, film and other art disciplines. The thoughts and opinions of these creative individuals may have an important impact on the local environment. KAF abounds in ideas and actions resulting in their annual workshops, lectures, Venice exhibitions …etc. KAF activities are supported by the Getty Foundation, and they have also attracted much attention of the EU MIES Award and AGA Khan Award organisers.

Bekim is one of the founders of the Future Architecture Platform which represents a network for the exchange of ideas and aims to provide answers to many difficult questions that the society is facing nowadays.

He does all that from his home in Prishtina in cooperation with the important global network that he has managed to establish. Their activities are based on the following vision: Things can change for the better by encouraging the participation of the local community in the planning and implementation processes.

Bekim Ramku is a man of strength and knowledge. He knows what he is doing, he believes in his goals and eagerly pursues them, even though they might sometimes seem unattainable.

Bekim, you should never stop!

Curator of the award: Andrija Rusan

In the online ceremony held on the 21st of October Ramku thanked the BigSEE jury, curators and the BigSEE community for the honor bestowed on him and in his reception speech spoke of the great creative potential of the SEE region.

To read the BigSEE interview with Bekim Ramku visit the following link: Bekim Ramku, Kosovo – BigSEE Visionary 2020


We’re super excited to inform you that Kosovo Architecture Festival made it to the Dezeen Events Guide for the second year in a row. Go to Dezeen Events Guide website to learn more on all the events that made it to the 2020 list.

Dezeen Events Guide is a listings guide to architecture and design events around the world. It contains all the key fairs, conferences, design weeks and biennales that take place each year.

Created by Dezeen, the world’s most popular and influential architecture and design magazine, the guide will grow in future to include smaller events such as exhibitions, talks and events that take place as part of bigger citywide events.


The University of Toronto Daniels School of Architecture organizes a 2 day seminar and a website launch under the theme of “Architecture in Dialogue: 14th cycle of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture Symposium

This event celebrates the six winning entries of the 14th cycle of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture. This prestigious award program selects exemplary built work that combines social and ecological concerns with innovative and exemplary design. An award winner, a field reviewer, a member of the master jury, the editor of book Architecture in Dialogue, the Director of the award program and a steering committee member will be in conversation providing an insider’s perspective into this highly regarded award process. Each participant will share the lessons they learned from their part in the 14th award cycle and how this experience has helped shape their views on the future of design. 

The UofT Daniels 14th cycle of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture website can be accessed through this link AKAA14


The past few weeks have seen Future Architecture members come up with solutions to upgrade the platform and adapt the programme to our current way of living and working.

Future Architecture Platform finds it of key importance to provide a vibrant and inviting space where a dialogue about architecture and society can take place. This is why they have been working hard on preparing online events for the summer and some live events for autumn, when, hopefully, we can be together again.

These ideas come together to form the upgraded version of the 2020 Future Architecture Programme, which includes numerous emerging architects and events held in European cities.

The current situation, which has profoundly shaken our world and deeply affected our lives, has stopped and changed the order of events as well as the FA member programme schedule.

With the real-life gatherings being limited, Future Architecture Platform has adapted the current programme to work in the digital space but looks forward to seeing you at the live events in autumn.

Until we meet again: Stay safe.


Future Architecture Rooms
#Online environment
Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO) Curator Anastassia Smirnova (SVESMI)
15 Aug 2020

Future Architecture Rooms is a collection of online spaces—rooms!—each hosted by one institution, one member of the platform. A famous museum and a small gallery, an unorthodox publishing house and a provocative architectural biennial will use these Rooms as stages for their statements about future work, but also their takes on the current times and crisis. As if walking along a corridor, a visitor will be able to open any door and find themselves in places of knowledge exchange, education, and adventure. Please, enter…

Future Architecture Platform is delighted to announce a wide variety of events during the 2020 programme, made possible by the diligence and perseverance of Future Architecture members.

Building Narratives
Architektūros fondas‘ Vilnius, LT 17 Aug – 6 Sept

Architektūros fondas‘ programme Building Narratives is focusing on investigating the relationship between architecture and stories surrounding it. As a new narrative has the power to transform architecture on its own, it is extremely important to understand how different ways of talking about architecture can shape its future. >>


MAXXI Architecture Film Summer School
#Research #Lectures
MAXXI The National Museum of XXI Century Arts, Rome, IT 1 – 30 Jun 2020

Architecture Film Summer School, promoted and organized by MAXXI in collaboration with the Copenhagen Architecture Festival, is an exciting contamination between languages and art forms which aims to develop new expressive tools and knowledge shared in the younger generation of architects and video artists. >>

The Open Bookshelf: Future Architecture Library #Publishing
Dpr-barcelona, Barcelona, ES

The whole Future Architecture Updated Programme 2020


Dezeen announces Virtual Design Festival, the world’s first online design festival, which will take place at www.virtualdesignfestival.com from Wednesday 15 April.

Virtual Design Festival is a platform that will bring the design world together to celebrate the culture and commerce of our industry, and explore how it can adapt and respond to extraordinary circumstances.

We will host a rolling programme of online talks, lectures, movies, product launches and more. It will complement and support fairs and festivals around the world that have had to be postponed or cancelled and it will provide a platform for design businesses, so they can in turn support their supply chains.

While we cannot pretend that these are normal times, we can at least explore alternative ways of sharing design, helping others, coming together as a global community and doing business.