Cristina Steingräber at KAF X 12

Cristina Steingräber, a historian of art and architecture based in Berlin, is the cofounder and CEO of ArchiTangle, an independent publisher and digital tech start-up dedicated to socially engaged architectural practice and urbanism. Her academic and professional efforts focus on interdisciplinary knowledge transfer on how architecture can engage with other disciplines in shaping the built environment.

Initially a curator at the National Gallery in Berlin (Nationalgalerie), Staatliche Museen zu Berlin (SMB), Steingräber was appointed head of the SMB’s publications department in 2004. Thereafter, Steingräber spent more than a decade as program director and CEO of Hatje Cantz, a leading global publisher in the visual arts, photography, and architecture (2006–17). She possesses deep industry expertise, and as an expert in architecture history, bookmaking, and a technology enthusiast, Steingräber, with her firm, is introducing the integration of traditional print and cutting-edge technology through blockchain-based digital book extensions, adding a new dimension to knowledge transfer in the field. She holds a PhD in art and architectural history from Kiel University (CAU) alongside an MBA in Economics, focusing on innovation and digital transformation, from the prestigious TUM School of Management at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). In 2023, Steingräber established a foundation. The aim of the ArchiTangle Foundation is to improve living conditions globally through digital knowledge transfer in the built environment. The Foundation supports projects in the fields of architecture, urbanism, housing, and human rights. It carries out its own projects and supports charitable initiatives by other organizations. Steingräber is frequently engaged as an invited lecturer, critic, and jury member in the fields of art, architecture and business development.

ArchiTangle is an independent book publisher and tech start-up. By combining traditional print books with innovative digital formats, ArchiTangle aims to disseminate and preserve architectural knowledge, ensuring its accessibility for future generations.

The core of ArchiTangle’s program focuses on publishing books that highlight architectural projects with substantial social impact, thus upholding cultural and ethical values in architecture. These publications explore how architecture can address pressing issues—such as urban and rural development, social justice, community engagement, and responsible building practices—and shape the built environment. By partnering with renowned institutions, architects, and artists, ArchiTangle produces publications that showcase innovative design while provoking thoughtful discourse on the role of architecture in society.

A key feature of ArchiTangle’s offerings is the deep-tech innovation Book+, which provides additional digital content to complement traditional print publications. The content is stored using cutting-edge blockchain technology. This exceptional approach ensures that information remains tamper-proof and accessible for generations to come, adding a new dimension to architectural publishing. Book+ enriches the readers’ understanding of the context, scope, and significance of the featured projects, providing ongoing insights and preserving the integrity of the data like never before.  

ArchiTangle’s commitment extends beyond the physical book, offering comprehensive publishing services that manage the entire process—from consulting, research, and content creation to graphic design, editing, and production. The goal is to make architectural publications cultural assets by maintaining the highest standards of quality in content and by focusing on sustainable material selection.

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22 Jun 2024

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