Past unfortunate events have left Prishtina with an absence of critical urban data, which has hampered any attempts at urban analysis. This has left Kosovo with the challenge of making informed decisions around urban development. While the process of data collection has traditionally been the responsibility of central government authority, new technology and workflows have created the opportunity for architects, urbanists, and end-users to circumvent a central authority and collect their own data; creating the necessary foundations to better understand the built environment and Decode the City.

This workshop will introduce three novel approaches to urban data collection across several scales, ranging from high-resolution photogrammetry modeling, 3D mapping, and GIS data collection. All of these workflows can be accessed through a standard smartphone and laptop. The participants will go through several exercises to collect urban data, followed by manipulating the collected urban data, and eventually combining them as a single collective virtual environment that will be shared and explored on the web.

This workshop is part of the “Urban Data Kosovo” project supported by the University Grand of the US Embassy in Kosovo, administered by KUSA. The workshop will be tutored by the Leventhal Center for Advanced Urbanism researcher Niko McGlashan.

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01 Jul 2022

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