Prof. Dr. Heba Allah Essam E. Khalil is a professor of sustainable urbanism at Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University and the Senior Coordinator of the Architectural Engineering and Technology AET program at Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University with 20 years of academic and professional experience. She teaches and conducts research in community development, informal areas, urban climate, and integrated urban systems with several publications including books and journal papers. She has built several international research partnerships focusing on urban metabolism and improving urban micro-climate in highly dense cities through material flow analysis, simulation, and participatory action research. 

More recently, she started a research project focusing on gender equity and cities and another on land governance. Professionally, she also works as an architect, urban planner, community facilitator and housing expert with multi-scale agencies, authorities, and clients both local and international. She has worked for multiple public agencies and international organizations on urban development, strategic planning and housing programs including: World Bank, Washington DC, USA; UN-Habitat, Egypt, and local authorities in Egypt. As an Alumna of SPURS, MIT, Dr. Khalil continuously seeks partnerships to support a new planning and design practice for sustainable urbanism in her region. Khalil holds a PhD in architectural engineering from Cairo University and has been granted the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship in urban studies at MIT.

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Cairo’s Public Spaces of Informality: Needs and Responsiveness

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19 Mar 2020

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