Keeping It Modern – New Perspective for modern heritage in South Eastern Europe

Starting from the 1st till the 4th of July, in conjunction with the 12th edition of the Kosovo Architecture Festival, KAF is organizing the “Keeping It Modern” seminar.

With the participation of more than 40 experts and advocates in the field of Modern Architecture from around the globe this seminar is one of the biggest seminars on modern architecture ever organized in the SEE region and beyond.

The Seminar will feature 10 keynotes by project managers of Conservation Management Plans that have received the Getty Foundation’s “Keeping It Modern” prestigious grant. The seminar will feature keynotes by world renowned experts such as Sheridan Burke, chairman of ICOMOS 20th century heritage preservation committee, Cesar Bargues Ballester of the Getty Conservation Institute, Aziza Chaouni, professor at Daniels UofT and a TED Fellow, Javier Ors Ausin, head of Modern Preservation at the World Monuments Fund, and many other.

The presented CMP will feature some of the most iconic and recognizable architecture works in the world such as the Sidney Opera House, The Eames House, The Buzludzha Monument, as well as the Kosovo National Museum.

The 4 day long seminar will also feature a tour of modern Skopje under the guidence of Ana Ivanovska Deskova, Vladimir Deskov and Jovan Ivanovski.

The overall aim of the Seminar is to shad light on the work done in the SEE region in the field of modern architecture preservation as well as learn from successful CMP’s implemented from around the world.

The public lectures and discussions will be open to the general public and will be held in the premises of the Kosovo National Library and Kino Armata in Prishtina.

This event is supported by the Getty Foundation through its “Keeping It Modern” initiative.

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22 Jun 2024

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