Mies. TV is a documentation and investigation platform, discussing with architectural thought thinkers of today and the architects of tomorrow, in order to provide audio and visual content for a global audience. With the goal to initiate discussion on the topic, resolve understanding and reflect on how the role of an architect is changing. The channel has to date, filmed over two hundred interviews ensuring a vast archive of data to enable a thorough and widespread illustration of different standpoints and how these are positioned within a global perspective. 

Mies. TV evolved from a network of architecture students spanning from Austria to the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Slovakia and Mexico, with the initial idea to explore and record all aspects of architecture.

The group delves into the ideas revolving unique architectural cultures, the different teams within the network procure and produce interviews and events within their own context and language, which illustrate and strengthen the international online-platform. Through open screenings, architecture festivals, television shows and panel discussions Mies. TV aims to communicate architecture to an audience internal and external to the realm of architecture with the use of modern tools. 

The project is fueled by the enthusiasm of young, motivated students documenting their journey and experiences through the places of ideas – visiting architects in their offices, talking with them at their desks piled high with hard drives, books and empty coffee cups.

About the lecture/screening/ September/15/2020 19:30 CET

During the Kosovo Architecture Festival 2020, the Future Architecture selected creative Mies. TV will be screening their documentary film “Why Does Beauty Matter”. 

The Tallinn Architecture Biennale (TAB 2019) curated by Yael Reisner has raised the issue of Beauty in architecture. A term, often ignored by todays architects, is the focus of the exhibition and symposium. Reisner has invited not only architects, but also experts from philosophy, mathematics and neurosciences to discuss their research on beauty.

The video features in-depth interviews with curator Yael Reisner, along participating architects Sou Fujimoto, KTA, March Studio, Space Popular, Fologram, as well as Nick Luscombe (DJ), Graham Harman (philosopher), Ron Aharoni (mathematician) and Taylor Enoch (neuroscientist).

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18 Mar 2020

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